Wednesday, December 19, 2007

cat hater

I have had some new readers to my new blog. It fascinates me how people can view the same set of words and come out with such a vast array of opinions or thoughts. Isn't that how communication is though? Someone says something, and then others hear (or read) though a filter of their own experiences, opinions and interpretations. The result is that what was said was not what was heard.

Nothing real heavy here. I have only gotten positive feedback from those who have read and the spoke with me about it. Amusing, but positive. The flash point for several friends has been the fact that I call myself a "cat-hater".

I think that's a scream.

Thanks for joining me.


jtcrangers said...

I'm sometimes amazed at what I thought I said and what people feed back to me that they heard me say - communication are a wonderful thing -- PS.. I don't like cats either so we have something else in common:)-- Love you, Jack

CandaceK said...

You haven't met my cat....Zach the Cat.

He's a lover and he brings out the lover in others.

'Nuf said.