Sunday, December 30, 2007

More from beneath the bridge

There was another incident which came mere moments after the women and hot coffee incident described in my earlier post.

It involved two men who, for some reason, began to argue. Their tension with each other escalated quickly until they were physically fighting and grappling with each other.

One large, handsome black man ran up to them and got between them to break up the fight. This man attempted to talk some sense into them, but they would have none of it.

Eventually, one of the men went a short distance away to retrieve a lead pipe. His attempt, I assume, to win the fight.

The peacemaker man screamed to all of us "people with cell phones to call 911 because someone is 'bout to get cut!"

We were a bit unsure of what to do, but he helped us along by calmly screaming "DID YOU HEAR ME CHURCH PEOPLE? I SAID YOU BETTER CALL 911!!"

We all suddenly seemed to know what to do.
Ten of us at once began fumbling around in our pockets, and one of us reached the police (or, as they say, the POLE-eece) and alerted them to the impending head-smashing.

The news that the POLE-eece were on the way seemed to take the fight out of Mr. Lead pipe, because he took his pipe and left.

After it all kind of died down, I asked the peacemaker what his name was.


When I complimented him on his ability to restore order, he told me that "most people just wanted to be treated with a little respect. However," he said "I still have a can of whup-ass in my pocket and I ain't afraid to pull it out and use it".

He told me that he had been clean and sober for two and a half years and that he attended church in North Little Rock.

I wished he went to mine.

We don't really need what's in his can, but church would certainly be more interesting.

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