Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve gift

When I was growing up and the family would gather at my home and Uncle Tom's and Aunt Mildred's house, we always came through the door yelling "CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!! CHRISTMAS EVE GIFT!!" which meant that a kiss and a hug was to be given and returned.

Now, a wonderful thing has occurred: There is an entirely new set of people who come through those same doors yelling that phrase. Some of them had no choice about the matter,..they were born into this crazy family. But others married into us and have completed our circle. Many of us no longer live in Jacksonville, so I expect they are yelling that phrase in their own houses which are mostly scattered across Texas, and other parts of the nation as well.

And then there are those others,.... The ones whose voices we long to hear: Aunt Irene, Grandma Goldie, Grandma and Grandfather Bushey, Uncle Tom, Aunt Mildred, a brother I never knew, Daddy, and Jae Lynn.

I asked Casey this morning what she thought Jae would be like if she had lived. We wondered about it for awhile, but settled on the fact that we mainly just wished she was here with us. I told Casey that maybe she was here with us.

I have said before (and this wasn't an original idea) that I think Heaven may see us and know about us, just as we know about a baby that is soon to be born. The unborn baby or newborn baby is completely unaware of anything, and can not know that is is already named, and how much is it loved, cared for and protected. That child's lack of understanding of those concepts does not mean that they are not true.

To say that Heaven's occupants are unaware of our lives here on Earth, implies that they do not have full knowledge and memory of who they are. I think that the ones who have gone on before us, are deeply concerned for our welfare, just as God is. However, they have an understanding of how transient our life here is, and know full well that what awaits us can not even compare with what we are experiencing here.

Just as our family here continues to change, with it's additions and losses,..our family there also is experiencing a growing circle. They don't miss us, because they know we are all on our way. How can you "miss" someone who is already on the way to the party?

Deep thoughts. Maybe not always correct theology, but I have studied enough to know that it is not all just "wishful thinking" of a mother who longs for her oldest child.

Christmas Eve gift Jae Lynn.
Christmas Eve gift Daddy.
Christmas Eve gift Uncle Tom.
Christmas Eve gift Aunt Mildred.
Christmas Eve gift Lawson.
Christmas Eve gift to the rest of my loved ones there.

We will all be there when we are "full of days" here.

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Amen and Amen:)