Friday, June 19, 2009

Boldness and Possessions

Woke up this morning wanting to be inspired by my bible study. It seems that most of my huge memorable inspirational quiet times have been from the New Testament so I began to browse through there and just durn near piddled away all my time!
Finally settled on Acts.
Act 4:23 - the rest of chapter.

The apostles had just been in big trouble with the Jewish church leaders, and after being released, they ran to their companions to share their experiences.
Did they whine?
Did they gripe?
Did they shake their heads at the "state of the nation" or "the condition of the church"?
No. They did not.

They were utterly and completely emboldened more than they had ever been before!
Not only did they erupt in spontaneous praise and prayer, this moment began a spirit of giving of their possessions to further the work of the Kingdom.

They prayed for more boldness to speak.
They asked for more strength to endure the trials.
They did not ask for God to change their circumstances, because they had a keen understanding that God often uses evil to bring about His purposes. (v 27-28).


Acts 4 is not really a comforting word for us believers today.
I don't know about you, but I find that my plans are to keep myself from evil, to avoid trials and pain, to save and invest wisely so I can acquire more money and then,.......I will try to speak boldly for God.
Sell my land, my crazy old rent houses, my home place, liquidate my teensy savings and then give all my stuff away?
What would you think of me?
What would I think of you if you did all of that?
I think that we would have very few supporters.

We all agree to live like that would free us to live by Faith, but I personally don't think I know of a single Christian who lives like this.

Yet,...I think it's scriptural.
God has so much work to do in me.


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

He has much work to do in all of us, but He is faithful to complete His work in us. :o)

The day is quickly coming where He will be separating the wheat from the chaff and I wouldn't be a bit surprised that He choses to do it through persecution.
I don't pray that it won't come, but that I will persevere through it.

Excellent post!!

CandaceK said...

Loved this post. Love the way you love. Love the stream of your writing.