Saturday, June 20, 2009


Of all the blessings God has lavished on me, making me the daughter of Louis Anderson Jeffers was one of the best.
Memories of...
** family devotions in his and mom's bed.
**sleeping in the middle.
**when the middle got too crowded, I would crawl over him and nestle in front of him as he lay on his side.
** his advice when my heart was broken over Eddie in high school.
**Pulling me in my inner tube in the Buffalo river.
**Working along side of Uncle Tom in our garden.
**him flying up the flying up the driveway in a mail jeep after work. Mom would have his clothes all laid out so he could shower, change, and head off to a revival somewhere across Arkansas.
**Family singings with him leading us in "the blues".
**No one could play the big man Martin guitar like he could.
**His words to me right before he escorted me down the aisle to Ralph ("honey, are you sure you want to do this? I'll take you home right now if you tell me too")
**Flexing his huge biceps
Ahhh....there's just too many to name! I know you understand.

But by far, one of his most lasting legacies for my brothers and I was daddy's passion for music. He immersed us in all kinds of music, not necessarily so we would love it, but more because he loved it. We sang (and still do) in church, we sang in the car, in the garden, on vacations, we sang in bed, we sang at all of our family celebrations and we sang when our hearts were broken.

Little by little, time goes by.
Short if you sing, long if you sigh.
Note by note, life's music plays on.
The song's always changing, but it's never gone.

Daddy's song continues here with us, and I am confident it continues loud and strong in Heaven. I can hardly wait to hear it again......

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