Saturday, June 13, 2009

Storms and Friends

Our original plans for Friday night was to host two
Christian Rock bands (Thalan and Shatter me)
in our homes as they passed through from one gig to another.
The storms, however, changed our plans.

The bands were delayed in North Arkansas due to the weather,
and then the weather worsened here and knocked out the power
at the place where they were to play.
The event organizers sent them on down the road to
Texas where they will perform tonight.

Abby was very disappointed :) that the
young rock bands did not get to stay the night here.
So was I.
I can not tell you how much food we bought to feed 8 young men.

Back to the storm...
We have some rental property about a mile from our home
and this is what happened to it.....

But you see,...
The biggest part of this story is that within 15 minutes of Ralph climbing on top of the roof with his chainsaw, there was about 15 other friends
who arrived with their chainsaws, truck and trailers to lend a hand.

After about two hours, the tree was cleaned and GONE.
It would have taken him days to do it alone.

Below is Cullen.
He was the youngest worker and is the son and grandson of beloved friends.
Cullen didn't haul much wood but he made great entertainment
splashing around in his frog boots
with his hands in his little pockets.

Storms come and go in our lives.
The damage is not lessened by the presence of friends,
but having them is such an encouragement.
Ralph almost wept as he thanked our neighbors
for their show of love.

How sad for the people who are not rich in friends.

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