Thursday, April 3, 2008

S L O W learner

Finally! I am learning how to add pictures.
Learning how to do this took me an hour!

(as Abby rolls her eyes)


Shannon said...

You are getting SO good at this blogging thing. I love-LOVE the tradition of Easter pictures. Finding just the right spring Easter frock and hoping the kids don't look like ragamuffins before you can get a snap shot of eyes rolling, complaining and huffing and puffing. SMILE-say cheese!
Let Ralph know that I'm digging his whickers and the girls, as always, look ever-so pretty. So much like their mom.
You think Jae's Easter frock was white?

Anonymous said...

Emma loved seeing "Becky" as I read youog this morning! She didn't even notice she was in a picture. She said theres "Becky" and "Ralph and Abby and Casey" Then it was " I need to see "Becky" Where Becky go?
Love you