Wednesday, April 30, 2008


What exactly is a "Showcase"?
To me, it's similar to a trophy case.

It's a place where people can look inside to see trophies and honors and awards that have been earned.
It is a place where others can peer inside and see the result of someones discipline and hard work.
Maybe it is an exhibit of sorts,... Movable and changing.
It is usually a display of things that other people would love to have!

Our study this week has been about a subject that has haunted me for four years. The title of this weeks work was "Choosing the right response".
Woo Hoo!

How many times have you heard me ask or type the question:
"What makes one person run to God with their pain and another shake their fist at Him?"
Well I have to confess,....I am a bit disappointed! I still don't know. We studied what we are supposed to do when we experience trials, but I was given no insights into the psychology of the masses. There were no statistics or recipes for what makes some of us feel comforted and some of us feel deserted.

Back to the showcase idea.
Jennifer and Susan (authors of "Walking by Faith") agree that when we endure hard things with Faith and rejoicing, we become a walking showcase for God's glory and Grace.
Imagine that.
Right there, in the middle of our broken, messed-up, hurting selves,....we are a place where God gets to show Himself off. The trophy case is a wreck, but my my my,..will you look at what's inside?
The fact that we are broken and messed up makes the treasure inside even more amazing.

Oh! I want to talk about this more, but I'm fixing to turn into a pumpkin. We'll keep thinking about this when it is not so late for the writer.

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