Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Walking By Faith

I am privileged to be leading a Bible study entitled "Walking By Faith: Lessons Learned in the Dark. It is by Jennifer Rothschild who lost her sight at the age of 15. I love this lady even though I've never met her.

It was exciting to have approximately 20 of my sisters join me in this and I can't wait (do you hear me?,... I CAN'T WAIT!) to see what God will do with all of us as we attempt to go deeper in our Faith.

This blog for the next few weeks will reflect some of the things we will be studying and I have invited all of my "study-sisters" to join me here.
Maybe they just want to check-in and read. That's great!
But maybe,..hopefully,...some will comment here and share some of the daily insights that they are learning. Oh I hope so!

Substance of things hoped for,..evidence of things unseen.

Anyone who has heard me talk recently has heard me talk about this very verse. after losing Jae Lynn, Faith became so very mysterious to me.
Couldn't grasp it.
Did I lose my Faith?
Did I ever have it in the first place?

Chapter 11 of Hebrews lists the "Faith hall of fame". I have read it a hundred times, but was reminded tonight of the internal agony that each one of those heroes went through.
Their stories all have an obvious good outcome now, but as those individual stories were being lived out, the Faithful heroes were in deep darkness.
Emotional trauma.
Mental confusion.
They were not feeling very intelligent, heroic or Faithful.

If that's how the Faithful Heroes felt,..then take heart!
There's hope for all of us!

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