Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Walking By Faith pictures

Mrs. Geneva and Donna

OK this young lady was NOT at the Bible study, but
she was so pretty I decided to add her to my pictures!

Sharon and Lee

Laura and Connie

Susan and Courtney

The "group work"

These are some pics taken at our bible study tonight. We missed those who were not there. I took more pictures and I swear as I downloaded them onto my computer, some of them went to,..Bolivia or somewhere! How does that happen?
Anyway,..each session ends with us all on our knees. Tonight, we intentionally left off the prayer requests about health concerns, work issues, travel safety and such. Instead, we focused on our "Heart and Soul" request and needs. It was the best part of the night, and we will spend more time there in our next sessions.
So many needs.
Deep needs.
The study this week tells us to stop "resisting" the thorns in our lives.
Embrace the pain and learn the lessons.
Great gifts come in hard packages.

Does God really place the thorns there? On purpose?
All of us tonight agreed that, sometimes,..yes.
Why then, do we always think that all pain in our life is to eradicated?
Proverbs 3 reminds me that I am to trust in Him and not try to figure it all out.
Good thing.
'Cause I can't.


Anonymous said...

I feel really proud that I finally found your blog. I really didn't like missing class last night. But I had to go to an E-Commerce class. Almost through with school for a while.


Shannon said...

Will you do another Bible study? I'd love to come. Will you let me know? Love you-