Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Familiar Faith

I can't have you thinking that my life is often like Friday night.
Not so.
Not anymore!
It was just a bad night and these days it's an unusual occurrence. The hard memories are, and will always be there, but I continue to learn excellent "suppression" skills for the things which will drive me crazy.
I think.
I don't know,..maybe I AM crazy!


Chapter 17 of Revelation was my morning study today and I think I AM crazy for thinking I could understand any of it. My grasp of the symbolism in Revelation has been hanging by my fingernails. This morning, I'm wondering why I'm even trying to study the book.

I went over into Hebrews to study the Faith passages.
Chapter 11 is famous as the Faith chapter,..but the last part of Chapter 10 is rich as well! It reminds me to be either a "working servant" or a "waiting servant". The point is to be a servant of Christ Jesus.
By being faithful in our relationships and our daily activities.
All the time.


jhchoate said...

Becky, I enjoy your blog..you make me think...sometimes I get so busy I don't even think about anything..I'm just on autopilot. My son knew your Jae...he said she was a special person. Keep writing...

Beths Blog said...

Ok Becky, I went to your other blogs and read esp Jae's. I love the story of bath time, hilarious!

That is so amazing and I'm thinking of a name!!! You know we should all write stories about our children because some day they or other loved ones will enjoy them.

Love your blog, keep going friend!