Sunday, January 11, 2009

God's Care

Friday night was hard.

Casey planned to leave for Fayetteville as soon as I got home, and she asked me to go to Kohls to pick something up for her.
No problem.
Except driving out of the parking lot I had to make a left turn onto the busy Brockington Road.
At the moment I pulled to the edge of the lot and looked left I saw an 18-wheeler heading my direction.
It was all safe,.... I was still in the parking lot,... he was on the road fixing to pass in front of me.
But seeing an 18-wheeler approach from the left and pass inches away from my car gets my mind to imagining things a mom should never have to think about.

It's like "pop-up" on the computer screen.
The horrific scenes are instantly in front of me.

Broken seats.
Deployed airbag.
Broken steering wheel.
Broken tire wheels.
Broken daughters.
(I probably should have never went to see Jae's car that day.)

How am I to cope with a moment like that?

Abby also had a hard weekend.
There's been some stuff which has really gotten her down, which in turn, affects me.

She and I both were deeply convicted by our pastor's sermon this morning. We discussed it as we snuggled in bed this afternoon. Bro. David reminded us that following God and living life HIS way is not optional for us.
We are to follow His ways in all situations all the time.
It's not rocket science.
Just obey.
It really takes some of the stress out of trying to figure out how to respond to people and situations.
Just act like Jesus.

Friday night, I coped by turning the radio on (I often drive in silence) to Christian radio.
Ya know,..just trying to get something "good" into my mind after it had been instantly assaulted with horror.
Trying to Think Philippians 4:8,.. "Finally brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are good, honorable, lovely.....Think on these things".
God thoughts!

Well,..when I turned on the radio, the song playing was,...(I swear this is true)...'I Wish You Were Here" by Mark Harris.
The words describe Heaven from the viewpoint of someone already there. They acknowledge the separation, but from a different perspective. They describe streets of gold, storytelling time of other saints also there, reunions and most of all,..worshipping Jesus. It then ends with the heartfelt statement,.."I Wish You Were Here".

The good thoughts of Jae wishing I was there, was a gift straight from God.
Given to a quietly desperate mother in a little car on Brockington Road.
I was amazed at the knowledge that God arranged that song for me for that very moment.
My thoughts turned from one of carnage, to one of wonder.
I felt loved and protected.

I am praying that Abby gets the same feeling of God's watchful care.

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