Saturday, January 3, 2009

Unusual Family (Outing)

What does a family of Pyromaniacs do when one suggests burning something?
We have a long history of being "firebugs".
Quirky I know, but to us,...
Fire + rake = therapy.
Do you recall reading on my list of New Year's Resolutions that I was going to do something every week which scared me?

Last night, this was our hayfield (on fire).
There were 11 of us keeping it "in control".

We burned for 3 straight hours and it was wonderful!

We also worked up a blazing appetite so we all tramped our stinky sooty selves into the "Smokin Buns Bar-B-Q" restaurant right down the road. We were so proud!

In spite of three hours of fire, we only burned about a third of what we needed to do. So we all gathered back down there again this morning with our rakes, matches and adrenaline.
We lit it up and it began to spread faster than we felt like we could "control".
(I singed my new hair-cut. My new hairspray attracts fire I guess. Dang it.)
The wind was just a bit too stiff, so we stomped the fire out and slouched back to our homes all disappointed.

But the good news?

We are going to try again next Saturday.

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Shannon said...

Look at you with the pictures! You go girl. And be careful next week with the fire.