Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Mama says.....

I've heard it said "Never post something you don't want your mother to read".

Well, my mom called me this morning to fuss at me about labeling my family "pyromaniacs".

She is concerned that if I have a documented history of starting and enjoying fires, that insurance may not pay in the event we were to have a house fire.

She also told me that I should be careful. There may be a crazy person who reads my blog and might set my house on fire thinking I'd enjoy watching it.
I, of course, told her that I had no crazy readers.
(Well,....not like she means anyway.)
(Hee Hee)

Let me make myself clear.
Other than the death and injury of those I love, there is nothing I fear more than a fire in my home. If I were to lose my photos and videos of Jae Lynn, you can sure 'nuff put me in the nuthouse. If you've read my blog for the past few months, I have a deep sympathy for those (like my parents-in-laws) who have lost their home from fire. It's so incredibly destructive. In fact, we called the fire off last Saturday because the risk was too great.
We are safe or we do not burn.

And another thing,....We only burn things that are supposed to be burned. Stuff like hay fields, leaves, twigs and dead tree limbs, brairpatches, trash, tires, stumps,..etc.

I joke about us all being pyros, but it really ain't so.
We simply enjoy, love, relish, anticipate, get high off of, get euphoric over and are addicted to fire.
(Just kidding mom!)


Shannon said...

Please tell me you've made copies of all of Jae's videos and have those copies stored well as her pictures!

Karen Dismuke said...

I think I am a bit of a pyromaniac as well. Some of my favorite memories are when my family would burn the vacant lot next to our house. I still love the smell of burning leaves and pine straw. If MY mother knew how I played with burning candles, she would probably scold me like your mom scolded you. lol