Wednesday, January 21, 2009

January Inventory

The song that has captured my attention is:
No Night There No More Night by David Phelps.
I tried to recall the words as I sat at Jae's grave tonight in the dark.
The nights don't really bother me.
But I'm looking forward to the day where there will be no more graveyards.
I guess that wouldn't make a very good song title.

The scripture on my mind is:
Isaiah 3.
My friend Daniel was talking about this chapter today.
It describes what happens when a nation loses it's leadership.

I am frustrated by:
manipulative people.

I am stressed about:
3 Cheerleaders events. There's too many emotions and worries there to even describe.

I laughed today about:
Today at work, as we were crazy busy, Daniel and Levi pick pocketed a cellphone off of one of our patients. They then asked him "Where's your cell phone?"
As he pats his pockets and begins to search for it, I try to foil their practical joke by telling the patient that I would call it for him so we could find it. (Thinking it would be in one of the boys pockets)
I dialed the number and guess where they had put it?
In MY pocket.
The whole unit howled!

I am excited about:
My new 4 poster bed. I've been married for 28 years and have never had a headboard. I have no idea why it's taken me so long to get one. The girls have all had at least two or three. Anyway.
Now I have the huge 4 poster bed I've always wanted.
Then I just HAD to buy the matching dresser and nightstand.
Of course, then I NEEDED a new bedspread/quilt.
And curtains.

Last night, as I traveled my little country road here by my house, I came up behind a beautiful red Corvette.
"He's gonna leave me in his dust" I thought.
It was a road hugger.
Hello-officer Red.
Instead of watching him drive out of sight, I found myself having to keep from tailgating him.
He simply would not speed up!
In fact,...we were going so slow that a minivan passed us.
That's just wrong.
Beige mini-vans are not supposed to pass red corvettes.


Beths Blog said...

I want to see your new bedroom suite, sounds like fun. Ok, I have a question, what makes you go to the cemetary at night? Just curious!

Ronda said...

Your writing is inspiring to me. We all deal with grief in such different ways. You tackle grief head-on, I never learned to deal with it at all. Too many painful memories associated with the subject.
Let's do lunch at work one day?!?! Any day, any time.