Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, Fun, Flexibilty and Generosity

Today, I received a long email where several of us moms gave an update on how our kids were weathering the winter storm in Fayetteville.

I have enjoyed hearing about how all the college kids are taking care of each other. They are calling around, seeing who does and does not have electricity. They are giving invitations and gathering into the apartments and homes that have warmth and water.
The students are sleeping on each others couches and floors, they're sharing food, watching movies and in general, having a great time in spite of the hardships of the weather.
It's like a city-wide sleepover!

I wonder if us adults acted like that during the next storm?
What if we all traveled to one house and bunked up together for the night?

Then again,..maybe not. We'd probably look like this lady. (Turn up your volume!)


Shannon said...

BECKY! That was SO scary....and so reminded me of me!

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Rob Leonard. I need you to call me and let me know when you are coming. I got a new phone and I lost all my numbers. I'm an idiot. Please call me before I lose my mind. I love you bunches.